2019 Vacation Bible School


Theme: Rising With Jesus

The story of Jesus and our gift of Salvation will be taught with the idea of ‘Rising Above’ all of life’s difficulties with the help of God’s unending love, the wisdom of scripture and the guiding strength of the Holy Spirit.  The teaching will be structured to appeal most to k-5th grade students. 

Dates and Time

 July 22nd through July 26th; 6-8:30 PM

Who's Invited? What Does It Cost?

 Children from out Mt Baldy neighborhood as well as all of those who join us on Sunday morning and their friends are welcome .   

As usual there is no charge for this Vacation Bible School program, but parents are encouraged to participate,  bring snacks or prizes ($1-$5) to support the program.

How Do You Sign-up?

It would be great if you could send us a notice of which days you are able to attend by using our 'Contact Us' page

How Can You Help?


Your help will make this a successful teaching experience for our children.  Your volunteer teaching (please let me know if you can volunteer even for one night of teaching) your donation of prizes and snacks and above all your prayers will help our children learn the valuable lessons of God that they will surely need in order to navigate through the troubled waters of life in a world increasingly hostile to people of faith.    

We will need volunteer; Arts and Crafts teachers (Crafts will be selected to utilizes each teachers gifting), Bible teaching, Games, Store front, and Snack time.  Of course if you have or know of a 5th grade or above student who would like to help that is always a plus as the younger kids like to learn from and interact with peer teachers.

Display their FAQs

Please send us any questions or suggestions!

Meet Me At The Cross; A Special summer series


A Dialog of Faith; Not Your Standard 'Church Service'

The meetings will be comprised of Christian faith teaching and Q&A periods. The goal is to have an honest and authentic conversation about God’s value in our lives.  

Two Dates Remaining

 July 21st; August 18th 9-9:45 AM

Location: At the Mt Baldy Cross above Glendora Ridge Road.


From Mt Baldy Road: Turn North onto Glendora Ridge Road; the trail-head is approximately 150 yards from Mt Baldy Road. The easy trail is approximately 100 yards to the worship site. The Gate will be open, and the trail-head will be marked after 8:30 AM.

Teaching from a Christian perspective

The current topic is the Sermon on the Mount.  We are discussing the relevance of this important message from Jesus to current  society and living in respect and love of all humankind as taught by Jesus.

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Worship and Events

No upcoming events.

Easter Sunrise Service


8 AM at the Mt Baldy Cross

Directions from Mt Baldy Village Church:  Go down Mt Baldy Road and then turn right onto Glendora Ridge Road.  The Trail-head to the Mt Baldy Cross is approximately 100 yards North on Glendora Ridge Road.  The Trail-head will be marked with a signboard at 7:15 AM.  The trail to the cross is an easy 50 yards to an opening which contains split log seating for about 60 people.  If you arrive earlier than 7:15 just look for the first curved road ahead sign on your right.  The trail-head is about 50 feet up the road from the sign. 

How to Dress and What to Bring

  • The sun will rise above the Southern mountain between 7:30 and 8:00 AM (time changes yearly).  It will be chilly until the sun rises, so please dress in layers.  
  • We usually have between 80 and 100 people at this service, so unless you're early you may want to bring a blanket to sit on or beach chairs.
  • Sunglasses are a must, as the Mt Baldy Cross is at the Southern end of the opening.
  • If you love your dog, he or she is welcome, but please for the safety of others have your dog on a leash.
  • The trail is easy, but is not accessible by walker or wheelchair.  Closed toe shoes are recommended.

Easter Egg Hunt

Yes, this is not a Christ centered activity, but is a family and child friendly activity.  We will have an Easter Egg Hunt after the service.  If you would like to donate eggs for the hunt before the service, please bring them by the church.  If our pastor is not at the church, please leave your gift by the back door or patio door and a phone message if possible. 

Continental Breakfast

A Continental Breakfast is offered to you at the church following the Sunrise Service.

Easter Church Service


At 10:30 AM at our church

Our church is located at 6757 Mt Baldy Road.  From Upland or Claremont proceed up to Mt Baldy Village.  As you enter the village look to your right to see the Mt Baldy Lodge.  Turn left as you come to the Lodge onto Bear Canyon Road.  Our church is located just 50 yards up Bear Canyon Road.  Our Parking Lot attendant will direct you to one of our two parking locations.

What to Bring and How to Dress

Please bring your open heart and dress casually.  We're a small community church, everyone is welcome.

Continental Breakfast before the Service

 A Continental Breakfast is offered to you at the church following the Sunrise Service. 

Ash Wednesday Service; March 6, 2019


Order of Service

  • Welcome and Opening Prayer
  • Preparation Message; Purpose and Perspective
  • Personal Confession and Prayer of Repentance Card for Burnt Offering
  • Burning of Repentance Cards
  • Communion
  • Message: Ashes to Ashes; Overcoming in Eternal Light
  • Benediction and Dismissal